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Conditions of Use

The buyer comprehends and agrees to the Terms & Conditions set by ThePerfectBlend.com which are incorporated herein completely by reference. The buyer acknowledges and agrees to pay the complete price listed for the domain(s) chosen for purchase or agreed upon through negotiation. WeHaveEveryDomain.com agrees to email the buyer clear instructions for permanently transferring control of the domain(s) within 72 business hours of receiving payment. For any reason, if there is a delay or interruption in the transfer process, WeHaveEveryDomain.com will inform the buyer, either through email or by phone, regarding the transfer status within the 72 regular business hours period.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the buyer agrees to compensate and hold ThePerfectBlend.com faultless from all liability, controversies or claims that may appear from the sale of the domain(s) or which may arise out of or in direct connection with this agreement. Both ThePerfectBlend.com and the buyer represent to the other that it has complete authority to arrive into this agreement and perform its terms & conditions. The buyer agrees to take control of the domain(s) within 1 week of the sale, and the buyer acknowledges they are completely responsible for renewing the domain registration(s) with the registrar of record before the expiration date listed in the “WHOIS” database, unless otherwise mentioned.

You represent that you do not hold or maintain any copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights to the domain name or any portion of it, which is the subject of this Agreement. If you attempt to hold or maintain such rights right now or in the future, you do on your own account and on account of any person who you represent hereby give up and waive such claims and release ThePerfectBlend.com and its parents, assigns, attorneys, subsidiaries, successors, contractors, employees, agents, directors, shareholders, officers, and affiliates from any and all claims appearing from such rights